How to Save Trees

There are many write- ups about saving trees, but very few go to the length of explaining “how”. It’s a known fact that with the current rate of deforestation, we would face an inevitable oxygen scarcity; that is if we don’t replace the forests that we have been erasing from the surface of the earth. In other words “End of the World”.


We are already aware of the basic ways to save the environment, like planting more trees and recycling. Planting more trees is the best way, but it takes a long time for the sapling to become a fully grown oxygen emitting tree. So we can’t depend on just planting trees; but that doesn’t mean we should stop planting. Planting trees would always be the priority when it comes to saving the future. Recycling is one of the best ways to help the environment. So next time you throw away garbage, use the dry waste segregation system. Keep the paper thrash away from wet ones so that paper can go for recycling.

save trees

There are few ways that would help you to reduce the usage of paper and which in terms will help you to in reducing deforestation.

  • Cut down on unwanted magazine subscription and send the used one for recycling.
  • Use cloth napkin instead of paper napkin in the restaurant.
  • Keep the data in   soft copies, as much as possible. Every time you have to print anything, think twice if the printing of the document is critically important.
  • While printing or writing, try to use both sides of paper.
  • Try to use recycled paper as much as possible. This comes true even for paper towels and toilet papers.
  • Try to reuse the paper materials as much as possible before throwing them away.
  • Buy only non-glossy news paper. Glossy ones have clay coating on them, which hinders the recycling process.
  • Make your surveys and petitions online.
  • Reuse envelops and wrapping paper.
  • Make your own cards by recycling.
  • Use non wood furniture from providers like Multiwood.

These are not the only way to go about it, but this sure gives you a head start. You might think there are billions of people talking about saving tree, what is so special about this article. Yes there are billions of people talking about saving tree, but only few who are actually doing it. It will take every living soul’s effort the bring earth back to life.


5 thoughts on “How to Save Trees

  1. i wanted to have some lines about how we can save trees for my school projest and ur message had made it is so good.
    i really liked it and will surely make my friends know about it too. thanks

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